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We love them! The photos are so natural and you have captured our overwhelming feelings from the day. The photos brought back many intense emotions – from tears to so much laughter – we cannot thank you enough!

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Trance media and communications is a one stop shop for all your media needs and communication consultancy. This is from the concept development to the post-production stage. This can be briefly summarized:

  • TV/radio/print commercials/photography
  • Corporate media services(events, parties, team building, activations and product launch)
  • Content and concept production
  • Production/post-production
  • Media handling consultancy and strategy implementation
  • Events- weddings(engagements, family visits), parties, dinners, luncheons, ceremonies, graduations
  • Communication consultancy
  • Conferences streaming and coverage




Trance media and communications limited is a full service company that was founded in the year 2014 and specializes in delivery of quality services for the media platform, television, radio, print, and online platforms. We take pride in giving quality service, effectively and efficiently within a workable budget to meet all your needs; with guarantee of a fully committed crew and excellent service for all clients. Whether you need to create awareness for your company, communicate powerful message both internally and externally, motivate and reassure your team, create training videos, and need to stand out in your presentations with good graphic presentations, we offer excellent results that are creative, understandable, effective and within your workable budget and in a time.

We also offer consultancy bases on how to liaise with the media, how to handle media; external and internal crisis management, internal and external employee/client motivation/communication strategies. We also offer good sound recording for a crispy clean product that can be used on radio and anyway you may desire. The post-production team gives excellent graphics and visual effects for all your needs, and animation that apply to both television and print.

When it comes to photography we offer a wide range of platforms that can gaps where video may not, this by making permanent memories of official meetings, policy meeting and launches, events, team building, meetings, office parties, office portraits and many more, all designed to be tailor made and specify to every situation. Our post-production team produces Visual Effects and Motion Graphics work of all sizes. Whether it is a full 30-second or 30-minute 3D animated piece, or a live action shoot with some minor effects used to enhance the visuals. Our team has extensive experience filming in Kenya and on the African continent, including Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Mozambique.



Trance media and communication limited has worked with a number of NGOs, Corporates and Advertising Agencies. A few of our projects are listed below.

ILRI/RAC Documentary

Trance media and communication has undertaken the production of a documentary on intended to highlight the work the work of the organization in the society and the intense research to provide the orange fleshed sweet potatoes across the continent in major countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Nigeria, to provide a better and healthy food option to the community.
It will also serve to highlight the benefits of the programme to the end-user consumer, how they can access the orange fleshed sweet potatoes (OFSP), how one can acquire training and the many benefits the OFSP and different ways to make and have different end products in both Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique.


AERC (African economic research consortium) – Conference streaming and coverage documentary

Trance media and communication limited provided its services to cover and live stream conference carried by the African economic research consortium in there varies events in the different regions of Kenya, Tanzania Zambia and Mozambique whether they present policy papers and hold workshop training and discussion on the different policies they can adapt to help create better economies for different countries across Africa and help make the livelihood of the people on ground better through implementing policies that help achieve their goals, researching and giving advice on better ways of creating wealth for both present and posterity purposes.


BPW (Business and professional women)- event coverage

Trance media and communication limited has worked with BPW to cover their yearly dinner gala that is in association with the Nakuru County to showcase their interest in helping the community and better the living stands in the society, and with help of the county government they work hand in hand to better the life of the Nakuru community.


TOYOTA KENYA LIMITED (Events/documentary/annual gala/adverts)

Trance media and communication limited works Toyota Kenya to give them a platform to showcase their ideas, products and organizational awareness to their consumers, employee motivation and product distribution videos.


The Water-Energy Hub (WE! Hub) [Documentary]

Together with partners/other media production and local communities, the Siemens Stiftung is encouraging socially and financially self‐sustaining projects in Africa. The Water‐Energy Hub (WE! Hub) in Kenya is a reference project for this approach. It provides communities in remote African regions with an ecologically sustainable source of electricity and water based on fair and decentralized access, thereby opening up opportunities for entrepreneurship and education. In the initial phase five new WE! Hubs will be established: three at Lake Victoria, one in a slum in the industrial area of Nairobi and another one in the country. The three existing WE! Hubs will be refurbished with up-to‐ date technology and extended with Internet cafes. The WE! Hub is a joint project of the Siemens Stiftung, the Global Nature Fund (GNF), OSRAM AG, and Thames Electricals Ltd. and is funded by the European Commission.

Trance media and communications is a one stop shop for all your media needs and communication consultancy. This is from the concept development to the post-production stage.

5th Floor, Vision Plaza, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya.

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